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How I got started using Resin and Ink

Phew. This is quite a tale!

I have always loved art, and I kept trying different forms of things and resin was one of the things I experimented with. I have to admit – when I first started out I was very trigger happy and I didn’t take many safety precautions…. I bought a pack of resin online and just took myself off to my bedroom to practice!

I had some gloves, and I think I wore an apron, but not much more. I was 15 and the first thing I cast was a dome filled with sprinkles, which I made into a ring and I wore with the utmost pride (until it tarnished, and then ultimately fell by the weyside in my other jewellery-related pursuits). I continued to dabble, but my focus was making rings. I bought 2-part molds from ebay, and I tried and tried and tried to get them to work, with varying levels of success. I never got disheartened, and I kept going.

Some of the creations from my resin classes when I was a counsellor at French Woods Festival, Hancock NY

Skip ahead to me in my 20s, and I’m flying to the US for the first time in my life, to teach at a performing arts camp in Hancock, NY. I ran the jewllery department in the visual arts annex and I was teaching resin to some really bright and eager campers. We embedded beads and sequins, sprinkles and wood chips, glitter and stickers, shrinky dinks and all sorts more. Every time we demolded something together, I caught a thrill off the look of amazement they’d have on their faces. At visiting weekend, one of the parents came to meet me and raved about the fact that we were doing more than just friendship bracelets, she was delighted her little girl was learning something that had captured her imagination – even moreso because her mum was a resin artist herself! She made bottle cap jewellery and she gave me a piece which I still have to this day.

Me in my early twenties, in the jewellery closet at French Woods Festival, Hancock NY

I went back to teach in that camp for 3 summers through my twenties, and after that I travelled and lived abroad – in Australia, Sydney, Asia among other places. Wherever I was, I secured a little desk space and I crafted something – usually out of resin. I never stopped creating.
Skip ahead to me in my early 30s, and while I’m settled back in the UK and working a sensible grown up job in a global marketing agency by day, but in my spare time.. that’s another story.

Discovering alcohol ink

I picked up resin properly again in mid-2017 after I found myself having to take some time off from my day job. After seeing a technique on instagram made famous by Josie Lewis, I bought a sample pack of a resin I’d never tried before, and I got cracking.

Everything has been a learning curve – While I worked with resin before, I had never thought to use inks and alcohol inks were a complete relevation to me. Their unpredicatbility and the way that every piece was completely unique was a bit addictive – as that little rush you get when you demold something just gets stronger as you test and experiment and hope that the new thing you’re trying gives you a new effect.

I went through quite a bit of resin testing, until I found a brand that I love and now I’m happy I have the resin, the inks and the techniques I need to create whenever the urge takes me!

That was not even 12 months ago, and since then I’ve been making resin art in my spare time, on evenings and weekends. It’s gone from small pieces to a major passion as I’ve rediscovered my love for art and experimenting.

I’ve now got my own home studio where I make all of my pieces, and I’ll be sharing as many as I can on this site for you to see!