This is a handmade, one of a kind ironflower ink resin petri disc. You can use it as a paperweight, some mini desk art to brighten up your work space, or unique piece of wall art; petri discs look great in a shadowbox frame (not included in this listing), or you can mount it directly onto the wall using command easy-remove strips. 

Mesmirising three-dimensional depth and transparent space with vibrant inks suspended in clear art-grade eco resin. Each petri disc is handmade in the UK.

This item has been lovingly handmade and finished, and as such may feature small bubbles or imperfections – this is part of what makes it unique! Please don’t expose your petri to any chemicals, more than a splash of liquid or excessive heat. To clean, wipe gently with a soft cloth.

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9.7cm x 9.7cm x 1.1cm

10% of the price of this item will be donated to MS Society UK, a leading charity in the UK for people diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.


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